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About 3D Classroom

My name is Matt Ebel and I am a classroom teacher in London, Ontario's public school system. For the last few years, I have used 3D printing and STEM activities as a way to educate, motivate, and increase creativity in my students. My class has used 3D printing programs that correlate with our math curriculum, we have made functional products for classroom use (pencil holders, protractors, playdoh cutters, etc.), and we have designed a variety of products for teachers to use in their classroom (pencil cups, calendars, name plates, etc.).
With respect to STEM activities, as a class, we have built an air conditioner, as well as built and programmed robots, and I have taught my students how to code and design video games. In the summer, I run a STEM day camp in order to familiarize elementary school-aged students with STEM concepts. This preliminary introduction encourages young students to embrace STEM education at an early stage in their academic journey.
I started 3D Classroom as a way to document and share my passion for STEM education and 3D printing. I hope the ideas I've presented on this website will encourage you to use some of these lessons and ideas to inspire the same kind of creativity and inspiration in your own students.
- Matt

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