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3D Printed Class Chess Set

This week, our class decided to 3D print a class chess set. We looked for a few designs on, and found an awesome set of spiral chess pieces that came with a matching board. We decided to use our school colours (red and black), and we did some basic math to find out how many pieces we'd have to print. We needed the following numbers of the specified items in EACH colour:

​Pieces: 8 Pawns, 2 Rooks, 2 Bishops, 2 Knights, 1 Queen, 1 King

Board: 2 Corner pieces, 12 edge pieces, 18 centre pieces. 

Lock Rings (to hold the board together): 123 Rings

​In total, the pieces took about 20 hours to print, with the board taking about 16 hours to print. Despite there being 123 lock rings required, we were able to print 10 at a time, and they took only about 4 hours in total to print. So, altogether, the entire board was roughly a 40-hour print.


Problems We Were Able to Troubleshoot:
The original circular lock rings were a little too tight and were pushing the pieces too close together, causing them to push up and not lie flat when flipped over. We fixed this issue by increasing the width of the circle by 10% to make it slightly more oval-shaped. This fix worked perfectly to give the pieces a bit more room to separate, and we were able to push the rings into place with a flathead screwdriver. 

Ring 2.PNG

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I was very happy with the way this chess board turned out. My students had fun taking turns checking on and removing the many prints, and, with only one minor setback – which we were able to overcome – the process went very smoothly. Any issues we encountered served as problem-solving lessons for the kids. 

We are currently printing a second chess set for students to use in the classroom. Eventually, we want to hold an in-class chess tournament.

Links and Products used:
- The chess board and chess piece sets were both found on
- We used "Ultimaker Cura" as our slicer to adjust and customize our print files. 
- We used a "Flashforge Adventure 3 Pro" to print all of our pieces.  Special thanks to Flashforge for donating the printer to sponsor this project!


Chess Set Creation Process

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