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Bring excitement and hands-on learning to your classroom or homeschool curriculum with our Digital DIY Cardboard & 3D-Printed Pinball Machine Lesson Plan. This comprehensive digital guide offers step-by-step instructions and resources for designing, building, and customizing a one-of-a-kind pinball machine using cardboard, 3D-printed materials, and basic construction tools.

Our Digital DIY Cardboard & 3D-Printed Pinball Machine Lesson Plan includes:


  • Comprehensive Lesson Plan: An easy-to-follow lesson plan that spans multiple days of engaging activities. Each day focuses on a specific stage of the project, from design and theme creation to construction, assembly, and final presentations.

  • Printable Worksheets and Handouts: A variety of printable resources to support students in planning, documenting, and evaluating their pinball machine project, including design templates, reflection questions, and a project rubric.

  • 3D Printing Files: A selection of downloadable 3D printing files for themed obstacles, features, and decorations. Choose from our pre-designed components or use the included templates to create your own custom pieces.

  • Presentation Slides: Customizable slideshow templates for each day of the lesson, allowing you to tailor the content to your specific classroom or homeschool environment.

The Digital DIY Cardboard & 3D-Printed Pinball Machine Lesson Plan offers a unique and interactive way for students to develop their STEM skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities through a hands-on project they can be proud of. This digital lesson plan is perfect for educators, homeschooling parents, and anyone seeking to add a fun and innovative learning activity to their curriculum.

DIY Pinball Machine Project

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